Santa Croce Badia

A paradise called Alta Badia

Here, nature, emotions and taste reach the sublime

Set in the spectacular and natural monument of the Dolomites, it is for sure one of the most fascinating and unique valleys of South Tyrol. It is nature the undisputed protagonist of these territories, able to touch and seduce with forms, colours, perfumes of alpine woods, green blooming meadows, clear water streams, alpine lakes and majestic steep sides of the mountains.

The two natural parks of Val Badia accomodate numerous excursion paths, value and protect these natural jewels. In Winter, in front of this landscapes, perfectly covered with snow ski slopes, allow unforgettable descents , while snowy tracks allow romantic promenades.

Experience nature

  • charm Dolomites Unesco
  • Natural parks and untouched nature
  • moments of pure pleasure

Sport at high altitude

  • perfect ski slopes, breathtaking descents
  • Infinite hiking and walking tours
  • Wide choice of activities

Ladin culture

  • the authenticity of the Ladin cuisine
  • ancient traditions, fascinating customs
  • eine willkommene und einzigartigen Wärme

Alta Badia, where every season emanate its charm of lights and colours

You can either spend your "White Week" in the mountains, an active holiday filled with sport activities or simply a reinvigorating stay absorbed by nature of Alta Badia, but you will never be disappointed! Plunge in this Earth paradise.

Dolomites Sass das Nü Fanes

Dolomites Unesco

Nature, forms and colours of the Dolomites fascinating everyone.
It is hard to resist!

Dolomites Unesco
Natural park Fanes-Sennes-Braies

natural parks

Pure pleasure in the nature,
enchanted places filled with stories, tales and surprises

Natural parks Alta Badia
Cavalcade of San Leonardo

Ladin culture

A people, a language, a culture
and a character to be discovered

Ladin culture
Summer holiday Alta Badia

Events & shows

Do not miss the chance to find out the great dates in Alta Badia

Events and manifestations
Summer activities Winter activities

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