Gourmet Hotel in Pedraces

Let yourself spoil with the specialties of the ladin cuisine

For each course of our gourmet cuisine in Alta Badia you can feel the freshness of our local high quality products enriched with ancient south tyrolean receipts and filled with passion from the owners that are personally in charge of the cuisine.

We offer a rich menù with many courses, able to delight your palate with typical dishes of the ladin and tyrolean cuisine, refined national and international delicacies and a rich offer of sweets and dessert, always rich in surprises for your taste.

Our mountain cuisine is based on dairy and meat products such as bread. Therefore, we are nuable to accommodate Vegan, Vegetarian + gluten-free, Vegetarian + no dairy diets. An extra charge may arise for menu changes.

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A gastro economic itinerary among ladin, tyrolean and national cuisine

Our love for the genuine savours of the tradition, the selection of local and high quality products and the continuous recall to creativity guide us to rich tasty creations in a unique pleasant experience.

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