Romantic Winter promenades

Sentieri innevati in Alta BadiaSnowy paths in Alta Badia

Alta Badia provides 80 km of paths suitable for promenades, where you will find the enchantment of the Dolomites on their most calm and romantic side. Also at Badia, and starting from our Hotel, you will find some thrilling opportunity to spend a day on the snow.

Farmstead Trail Badia

Tru dles viles

An easily accessible path both in Summer and in Winter, through the meadows and the woods on panoramic promenades, in order to discover some ancient "masi" called "Viles”, symbol of the life style of the Ladin population of the past. You can start from Pedraces partly on the paths and partly on secondary roads, where you will find the "masi" of Sottrù, Oies, Alfarëi, Ruac, Fussè and Coz.

Armentara meadows - Holy Cross

Armentara meadows

You can access, climbing, the hamlet of Spëscia near to La Val or comfortably with the ski lifts until the church of Santa Croce. Those who desire to, there is the possibility to slide down with your sleigh or take a few steps in the fresh snow with the snow rackets. With a renovated aspect, compared to the summer one, these vast meadows at the feet of the Sas dla Crusc wil fascinate you.

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