Natural parks in Alta Badia

The guardians of the biggest treasure of Ladins: nature

Alta Badia enjoys two protected areas that during the years have contributed to preserve the pureness of unique natural areas in the world. In the east the valley borders with the natural park Fanes-Sennes-Braies, while in the west there is the natural park Puez-Odle.

Natural park Fanes-Sennes-Braies


25.680 hectares to preserve some of the maximum expressions of beauty of the Dolomites. The natural park Fanes-Senes-Braies presents itself as an explosion of colours, water streams, waterfalls, and little lakes full of life. The pastures and the meadows are characterized by an extraordinary rich flora with many endemic species, while the fauna is representative of the entire South Tyrol. Of great interest also the morphological aspects that highlight ice erosion, tectonic movements, and Carsik phenomena. Spectacular peaks can be conquered such as Sas dla Crusc, Lavarella, Conturines, Sas dla Porta and Col Bechei and relax on the shores of lakes such as Lè de Limo or the Lè Vërt. A natural park to be discovered, that with its shapes has inspired the famous tale of “Rëgn de Fanes”.

Natural park Puez-Odle


Often defined as the witness of the geological history of the Dolomites, it extend itself on a surface of 10.722 hectares and borders with Val Gardena. Massive peaks such as those of the Cir, the Piz de Puez, the Odle and the Putia contrast in a barren, gloomy and sour landscape, where you will lose yourself in a peaceful and calm sensation. The strong point of the park are the shapes given from a long geological process. Rocky layers typical of the Dolomites, such as the Arenarie of the Val Gardena, the formation of Bellerophon and the layers of San Cassiano. The park is crossed by the Alta Via of the Dolomites Nr.2.

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