To be visited in Val Badia

Museum and sites of interest: what needs to be visited in the Dolomites

Are you looking for something to visit during a rainy day in Alta Badia or do you want to discover something more on culture, nature and history of the Dolomites and their population? Here they are: some offers of museums and sites of interest to visit while staying in Val Badia.

Ursus Ladinicus San Cassiano

Museum Ursus Ladinicus

Located in the centre of San Cassiano, this new museum is dedicated to the particular discover in the caves at the slopes of Conturines. In the late 80s it has actually been discovered the existence of a species, never find out before nowadays: the bear of the caves named after the Ladin population: Ursus Ladinicus. The museum exhibits bones, skulls and skeletons of this enormous animal of the Dolomites, an area completely dedicated to geology and to fossils of the Dolomites and a reconstruction of the cave where you can observe the sleeping bear.

Museum ladin Ciastel de Tor

Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor

A complete path in all aspects concerning the Ladin population and its territory. The museum is set up at Ciastel de Tor in San Martino in Badia, a castle of medieval origins and progressively expanded and restructured. The path offered enlightens distinctive traits of history, language and identity, life styles, archeology, geology, craftsmanship economy and turism of Val and of the Ladin population in the Dolomites.

The Great War in the Dolomites

The Great War

Cruel events and hundreds of fallen, the dolomitic frontline has been the spectator of one of the bloodiest wars that mankind will ever remember. The memory of many fallen in the area of Passo Falzarego and Passo Valparola is situated in the biggest museum on the collision between the Italian and the Austro-Hungarian Armies. Galleries and trenches, the reconstruction of camping sites and outposts present on the Lagazuoi, Sasso Stria and the 5 Torri, together with the museum of Forte Tre Sassi, represent a perfect combination between history and nature. This is to be fascinated by one of the most beautiful places in the Dolomites and i order not to forget.

Mill valley Longiarù

Mill valley

In the little village of Longiarù you can admire one of the major testimonies of subsistence economy that was practiced a long time ago in Val Badia, when the inhabitants lived exclusively out of the agricultural rent. Among the beautiful “Viles” of Seres and Mischì starts a path on which you will see many of the water mills restructured and still working, activated by clever engineering systems. During the mills feast in August it is possible to see them functioning.

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